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Neolife scientific proof

Created by Doctors and Scientists

The NeoLife Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) sits at the helm of NeoLife’s product strategy and development, ensuring each and every one of our leading-edge formulas are based in nature and backed by science, using only the finest and safest ingredients. The SAB is made up of world-class doctors, scientists and health experts who share our commitment to end the trend.

NEOLIFE PRODUCTS Whole-Food Based Cellular Nutrition

Whole-Food Based Cellular Nutrition

For more than 60 years, families throughout the world have trusted NeoLife to achieve what no other firm can: create products based on the finest whole-food, human food chain ingredients that have been proven effective by millions of happy consumers.

We employ only the most bio-efficient forms of nutrients to maximize nutrient absorption, utilisation, and value to the body because we are only as healthy as our cells.

Non-GMO(genetically modified organisms

NeoLife products are made using non-GMO ingredients and are tested for pollutants on a regular basis. Suppliers and producers must certify that all raw materials are free of genetically engineered DNA and organisms, according to NeoLife. In our laboratories and manufacturing facilities, we then validate and closely monitor each and every ingredient.

NEOLIFE PRODUCTS Pharmaceutical Licence for Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical Licence for Manufacturing

NeoLife owns and runs cutting-edge manufacturing facilities that meet or exceed the strictest global GMP requirements and regulations.
This comprises a California Drug Licence as well as the prestigious Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia Drug Licence, which only a few firms in the United States are able to secure. Despite the fact that we do not produce pharmaceuticals, we hold these and other licenses as proof of our high quality standards.
We’ve registered with the FDA and follow their rules and regulations.

NEOLIFE PRODUCTS Full Traceability from Farm to table

Full Traceability from Farm to table

  • ¬†Meticulous Seed Selection
  • 2. Pristine Soil & Environment
  • 3. Field Crop Monitoring
  • 4. Nutrient Optimising Harvest
  • 5. Quality Control Raw Crop Analysis
  • 6. Nutrient Extraction & Concentration
  • 7. Purity & Potency Verification
  • 8. Socially Responsible Manufacturing
  • 9. Quality Control & Laboratory Analysis
  • 10. Product Delivery & Batch Tracking